Post-coital test

The post-coital test (PCT) is used to evaluate cervical mucus production and mucus-sperm interaction at the time of ovulation. At this time, the cervical mucus should be clear, thin and watery. You may notice this as a vaginal discharge. During intercourse, sperm must swim through the cervical mucus to the uterus and fallopian tubes. Thus, sperm must be able to survive in the cervical mucus for pregnancy to occur after intercourse. The PCT is a quick, simple test that is performed on the day of ovulation based on the LH surge. You will be asked to check your urine with a home ovulation kit (Clear Plan Easy) beginning on the 10th day of your menstrual cycle. You should call our office on the day of your surge to schedule your test for the following day. You should have intercourse two to six hours prior to your appointment time. The actual test involves the placement of a speculum into the vagina (similar to a Pap smear), sampling the cervical mucus, and evaluating the sample under the microscope. You will be given the results of this test before you leave our office.

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